You may be in the process of implementing a new SEO strategy or looking to revamp your current one if you don’t have a strategy in place to look after your organic results, you could be in deep water, losing business. Many companies are yet to understand the full impact SEO could have if they undertake it correctly, with several Google algorithm updates this makes an SEO’s job twice as hard. 

In the past, you could simply purchase a package of links from across the world linking back to your domain, and keyword stuffing your pages and meta details. This is simply not the case anymore and it takes a much smarter approach. These approaches were a thing of the past, due to many business owners believing that SEO is a quick and easy win for their business what they don’t realise is that with the algorithm changing constantly, Google is moving the goalposts, in turn SEO experts need to guide domains to match these.

Changes in SEO take more than one evening

A massive change which has yet to be seen in many business’ is the attitude towards SEO changing. Long gone are the days when you could reach a rank and sustain it breaking the rules other people stick to Google has devalued a lot of very large sites in the past for using blackout techniques and we are starting to see rank improvements on sites which follow the rules. SEO is one part of the overall digital puzzle, where a long term strategy will bring the results you seek.

Looking for quick results?

On the other hand, if you are looking for results to come flying through the door off the bat, you should look to increasing or forming a budget towards PPC and display.advertising. PPC could offer a short term fix and support your overall digital plan including SEO, but you need to be aware that you could be sinking a lot of money into an AdWords account in the long run. But, if the CPA is below any cost per investment then you have a success.

Back to SEO, the problem still remains that too many companies are expectant of quick results and are not willing to apportion any of the overall budget to support a digital plan in the form of SEO or PPC. SEO takes time, even in uncompetitive niches you won’t probably see results and ROI for at least 4-6 months. You need to play by the rules defined by Google, it takes time to build up the authority of a site on search engines. Results that you can see from high rankings on page 1 can be more valuable than ever in 2016, you will reap the rewards for the efforts of maintaining these positions with a longer term strategy.