One of the most asked questions in the social media area is, how often should I be posting and what should I be posting? Different social media platforms will be active at different points of the day and on specific days, we have pulled together our ultimate guide to when you should be posting on specific social sites for maximum exposure.

When are the bets times to post on Social?

Facebook – 1-4pm / 7-10pm

When it comes to Facebook, the most active users are engaging with content around the 1-4pm make during the day and at 7-10pm during the evening. The latter makes sense in that, most people are relaxing during the evening, scrolling through the days events. During the 1-4pm slot of the day, this might be down to people having completed their daily tasks and are looking for some down time.

Twitter – 7-9am / 1-4pm

First thing in the morning and from 1-4pm is when Twitter is most active. As a useful news outlet, Twitter has multiple purposes and will see spikes during the day when large events are happening.

Instagram – Anytime apart from 3-4pm

Slightly different to all other social media sites, Instagram is constantly a hive of engagement, throughout the day there are peaks and troughs (mainly between 3 and 4 pm) but you will rarely have no interaction on an update if done correctly.

Pinterest – 6-12pm

Similar to Facebook, Pinterest is most active during the evening. This is most likely due to those users having a scroll through their followers and boards once the kids are put to sleep and they have some down time to relax.

How often should I post?

On any given day, you need to have an active social profile ,which helps with engaging and growing your following. On each platform you should be aiming to post, update or reshare content the following number of times –

– Facebook – 2 to 4 times per day on your profiles and Facebook business pages

– Twitter – depending on your industry, anywhere from 4-8 times per day will help with growth and engagement

– Instagram – 1 to 2 times with insightful and engaging imagery

– Pinterest – 10-15 times per day

What should you be posting on Social Media?

Creating content is amongst one of the hardest tasks as a marketer, sharing it is the easiest. By building a content calendar you can soundly plan and execute a content marketing plan. Aim to develop the following content to share on social sites –

– Blog posts

– Testimonials

– Product information

– How to guides

– Sales and Discounts

– Promotions

– Loyalty information

– Refer a friend

– Product shots

There is so much to share on social media, make sure to plan ahead to make content creation as easy as possible.