The process of developing a digital marketing strategy is a vital step to a business, with a solid strategy leading to much wanted success in this space, while a leaky strategy will be ineffective.

Regardless of where you business operates or markets its product, you need to start creating a digital marketing strategy for your business.

Setup Goals and Objectives

As with anything in business, with know KPIs, your model cannot be measured for success. Start by defining what success looks like and what goals you are going to strive to achieve in the digital world, be in lead generation, social reach or hits on specific pages or content.

Know your Customers

You might already know this if you are doing some traditional marketing and have some basic data. When it comes to online, your customer base or target audience may take a new shape. By properly knowing your customers you digital marketing strategy will form and dictate the channels, tone of voice and methods of marketing online to these people.

Know your Competitors

Knowing who competes in your space online will help to define your KPIs and goals into how you are going to fight for business.

Team Skills

You need to now understand which team members you have at your disposal and which new areas of expertise you need to employ to achieve the best results.

Search Engine Marketing

Having a deep knowledge of search engine marketing within your team or outsourced, is vital for the success of your digital business.

Content Marketing

This will go hand in hand with search engine marketing – having the best content going in your space will help to market your business as well as improve your search engine rankings.

Social Media Marketing

In todays world, every business will be visible on at least one social platform, from Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn and Pinterest, each social media site offers its own merits. Having somebody in the team to manage these profiles and the strategy is also a worthwhile investment to any digital plan.

Email Marketing

By sending out emails to customers you are constantly engaging with them, trying to get their business. Emails can be one of the most effective digital marketing channels.

Mobile Marketing

In the world we live in today, almost everybody is mobile, and Google has taken note. Having an unsatisfactory experience on mobile devices is something you can now get penalised for with your search engine marketing on both desktop and mobile. Make sure to include mobile designs and keyword penetration to your digital plan.

Affiliate Marketing

This is simply employing advocates to sell your product to other large amounts of customers. Having an affiliate plan can help to build your sales and increase visibility of your product.