With 2017 already getting off to a good start, many digital marketers and agencies will be working tirelessly for their web properties to keep them ranking well. SEO cannot be neglected, like many of our resolutions, or the consequences can be quite severe. In order to avoid any mistakes or vital things throughout 2017, we’ll look at what you need to be on top of to keep propping or propelling those rankings.

Content needs links to rank

Having a well written blog piece or group of content is great, and works great alongside an SEO strategy, but for some, excellent content is a substitution for SEO. On page SEO is still super relevant for getting your content and pages to rank.

Not actively seeking links to your content

With a well written post, many again, will assume that this will bring people linking back to the content – it is not always the case, Without any additiional work from your side of the process, finding links to link back to your newly written piece should be an early part of the process after publishing the piece.

Investigate the site before guest posting

Over the past 2 or 3 years, guest posting has been one of the most lucrative ways to build links, gain exposure and increase business leads. On the flip side, if you were to post a guest piece of content to another blog which does not fit your requirements or could do worse damage to your site can be quite a costly mistake.

Lack of promotion

Promotion and distribution of your content is key to giving your content that initial buss. Without sharing it on social media platforms or within emails, will leave content without shares or links and ultimately being unread.