Many LinkedIn users view the platform as a personal career tool and that maintaining a well kept profile is important for any working professional in any industry. Most are aware that LinkedIn allows users to connect with others, who might have similar experiences or interests, thus giving them the opportunity to build connections for you and the organisation you work for.

There is much more to engaging with prospects, leads and likeminded people in your industry, and we explore the ways you can engage with your audience and market your business on LinkedIn in ways you may have yet to discover.

Attract your Audience

Before you can engage with your audience, you first need to build one by attracting them and offering something insightful, giving them a reason to connect and engage.

Use Employee profiles

One of the best ways to build a strong audience foundation is to engage employees, making sure that their profiles are kept as up-to-date as possible. Users who have identified their position automatically will become followers of the company – this is important as, the company and position is the first thing other people will see.

Join and Contribute in LinkedIn Groups

Many companies, organisation or industry specific followings will have group pages where likeminded people contribute to, sharing knowledge and personal experiences. By joining groups and engaging, this can help to extend your reach beyond your typical target audience.

Engaging with your Audience

Once you have now gained an audience on the platform, you will have a better understanding of the types of customers your profile attracts, and it is now time to engage with them.

Post to the profile often

You don’t want your LinkedIn page to go stale, nor do you want to bombard your audience with post after post. Having a consistent presence on the site will help to engage with your audience. Experiment with posting at different times of the day to measure the engagement, once you have found your sweet spot, aim to post at these times.

Keep your profile up to date

Let your audience know what you are up to, any new achievements or upcoming events – by keeping your profile up-to-date as possible you are letting your audience know that you care about their business and any relationship that has since formed.

Optimise for mobile viewing

Most of the user engagement on your LinkedIn profile will come via the smartphone apps and browsers – you need to take advantage of this by keeping text posts short and using more visual aids. Make sure text is short and headlines are bold and eye-catching – additionally, any links you use, make sure these are fit for purpose on mobile also, as user experience is everything.

Establish a Lead and Follow

As an industry expert you will have the task of starting, engaging or being a part of groups that people will influence from. Engagement with your audience and within groups will help you to further understand the needs and to stay up to date with your target audience as possible, giving you the insight into ways to improve your business.

Start your own LinkedIn group

If you are looking for a group that is yet to exist or rise to your standards of engagement and knowledge, you can create your own easily. Creating a LinkedIn group can help to increase your visibility and awareness, build credibility and thought leadership as well as nurture relationhips with group member and working on a stronger audience.

Be creative and vary content

One way to make your audience stop scrolling past your content is to post eye catching visuals. Instead of simply posting texts posts, show your audience what you want them to see and use different kinds of media to support this. Mix it up with a range of text, images, polls and questions to keep your audience engaged and interested.