WordPress is the most popular blogging platform currently, and is able to support every kind of website from a simple blog to full featured e-commerce site.  A staggering, more than 25% of all websites currently live are built with WordPress. With such a popular tool, comes the vulnerability it has towards hackers and spammers who have always had an interest in trying to break through the platforms security.

Just because it is popular, its not to say you shouldn’t use it, this helps bring developers to build plugins and add-ons that can help to combat everything spammers and hackers will try to attack. The list of security plugins we feature will help control logins, spam protection, content theft, backing up your site, file integrity monitoring, adding a firewall and more.

Wordfence WordPress Security Plugin

With over 1 million downloads and installs, WordFence should be the number one tool you install. It covers login security, IP blocking, security scanning and adding a layer of firewall to your backend.

Devised for both the beginner and pro users, WordFence is the plugin you need to secure your site. The tool also offers a premium features which can strengthen your site further including country blocking, two-step authentication and scheduled scanning.

iThemes Security

Aside from WordFence, iThemes Security is a WP plugin that is well suited for any site, being able to protect your site from attacks. Helping out with everything from strengthening user profiles, to fixing common vulnerabilities.

Sucuri Security for WordPress

As the name would suggest, Sucuri is a security plugin at the highest level. It is from the same company who help to provide security and auditing for millions of websites outside of WordPress. This plugin offers various security features like activity auditing, integrity of files, malware scans, blacklisting of Its and users and firewall.

The plugin utilises blacklist engines including Google Safe Browsing, Sucuri Labs, Norton, McAfee Site advisor and a few others, meaning you site has access to the latest list of safe users.

It can help to protect your site from DOS attacks, Zero Day Disclosure Patches, burteforce attacks and various scans of files and users.

Bulletproof Security

The final security plugin on the list is Bulletproof Security which can help to secure your WordPress site. This plugin is simple to install and once it is installed, it secures your website against various code injections.

The plugin has a premium version which includes a few more features on top of the already brilliant free version.

With an increasing number of hacking attacks, it is necessary to have a security plugin implemented on your site. For users that don’t code, plugins are the best way to secure your blog, and most of them are free and one click to install.