Social media is one of the most valuable strategies online, alongside Facebook, we also have Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus to name a few. Within these networks and your profiles, it is a numbers game the more you put into it the more followers you will accumulate. Facebook revolves around likes, it’s no surprise that anyone with a page wants to know how to increase their numbers.

As all digital marketers will say, what you post of Facebook may never reach all of your followers or likes. This is because the number of likes your page has isn’t the guaranteed size of your audience, it is a potential reach. 

While getting more likes is definitely a key to succeeding on Facebook, getting people to engage is ultimately more important. In the rest of this post, we cover 6 different techniques and mini strategies that will not only how you how to increase your number of likes but to make your page more engaging.

1 What are your Facebook KPI’s

Setting KPI’s or key performance indicators for how many new likes you want to gain on Facebook will give you something to aim for and measure your success. Having a goal number will help you understand what is working and what isn’t in your strategy to grow number. 

2 Page overhaul

For many marketers, Facebook will be one of the first places your customer will go to, to find out about your business online. This means that your Facebook page could be more important than your website in some cases.

Facebook are always adding updates and changes to their news feed, you should do the same. Start by  

  • Ensuring your brand profile photo and cover picture are on brand and high quality.
  • Utilise each about me section and fill in as much data about your business as possible.

3 Increase visibility of your Page

This can be as simple as adding links externally on your site that link back to your page. If your page is important, providing a link from your main site could be a great place to start. You can also place links in email signatures, blogs and other social profiles.

4 Produce better content

Facebook’s algorithm determines which of your page posts show up in peoples news feeds and is designed to give people what they want. Have a review analytically of your Facebook Page and see which older posts worked and which didn’t. This should give you an idea of the format, imagery and tone of the content that see’s the most engagement.

5 Be interactive

If you want more people to like your Page, you need to be taking care of the people who already engage. If you see a comment or question on your page, answer them. If you see unanswered questions or reviews this can be a deterrent for new likes coming your way.

6 Do monthly campaigns

Plan ahead of schedule what you are going to run in terms of campaigns on social media. Your Facebook page could benefit from having a plan to determine content, imagery, polls and much more so that when it comes down to the time of running, you won’t be stumped for content.

Now that you’ve seen our top 6 tips for increasing your Facebook page likes, what are you waiting for, its time to focus on being engaged and producing better content.