Do you know if your site is performing to its best? There is only one way to understand, and that is by analysing data and user flows.

It may sound technical, but there are a number of tools that can make it easier by visualising processes and highlighting where changes need to be made with actionable solutions.

Finding those sticking points through the use of tools will allow you to improve and increase the amount of visitors who are passing through your sales funnel successfully. Being able to test different wording, calls to action and various design elements will allow you to build the perfectly functioning site possible.

Google Analytics

One of the best tools around for your site, and one which should be installed regardless or not of it being used for CRO. Google Analytics will allow you to see the number of visits your site receives and go into further depths such as where they visit and how they interact with your various elements and sales funnels.

Google Analytics has a feature called ‘Events’ which will track visitor interactions with various elements such as downloads, using tools and any external links they come to your site from, and can tell you how long they interacted and what else they might have done.


A great tool for your site, HotJar has a few useful tools in terms of CRO. With easy to use dashboards, HotJar provides heat maps, funnel drop offs and other interaction monitoring tools.

Using their heat map tool for example will allow you to note where visitors clicks, tap and scroll on specific pages, this way you can look at device specific actions and make the necessary changes to improve these interactions.

One of their most valuable tools is the drop off funnel, which allows you to discover where users drop off from pre defined steps in the buying process.


CrazyEgg offers 4 conversion rate tools including heat maps, confetti maps, scroll maps and overlay reports. Confetti maps are a specialty of CrazyEgg as they denote individual clicks on your site, depicted in different colours, highlighting information such as referral sources and search terms. This will allow you to identify your most valuable clicks.


An A/B testing platform which can be valuable in terms of testing different layouts and text, Optimizely is extremely easy to use – simply register, add the tags to your site and start building test elements via their platform.

Much more advanced than a simple A/B testing tool, Optimizely can also determine where visitors have come from, what they have previously looked at on your site, what device or where they come from and serve a variety of predefined test layouts.


A collection of smaller, standalone tools, SumoMe can help to boost your sites performance. Easily added to your site, SumoMe interacts with your site and Google Analytics to provide insight and actions based on current performance.

One of their best tools is content analytics which is designed to show how much of your page gets read. It offers a visual display of where people stopped reading your blogs or pages.