Content marketing will rely heavily on your network, without a good network your content marketing efforts will have no path to grow and be shared. Although posting a well written piece of content to an audience of 50,000 can be beneficial this won’t matter if you’re not speaking to the right people and offering the content to those who will actually use it.

This is where LinkedIn’s publishing platform has stepped up its game, it now offers brands a platform to target the correct audience. Now that anyone can publish articles to LinkedIn, it is easier than ever for any kind of business to target potential customers, strengthen the brand and each industry influencers. 

Although some question the value of using LinkedIn, it is a very niche platform. Comparing LinkedIn with other large content publishers, the site helps companies to stay top of the mind of customers and influencers in the industry due to the number of users LinkedIn has sometimes visibility is important, and engaging directly with your network will create more business opportunities.

LinkedIn is a valuable resource for lead generating for many reasons, with some companies finding that it can drive up to 80 percent of B2B social media leads. In order to utilise LinkedIn to your advantage in generating leads we have pieced together our top 3 tips to creating the edge.

1 Build an editorial calendar for Linkedin

You may already have a social media calendar in place, you should be taking it further to produce an editorial calendar for LinkedIn. Use the platform to stay in front of your customers and offer them something in which they can’t receive anywhere else. An editorial calendar is a great resource when you are both a small and larger team as a way of supporting and reminding you of content to put on the site.

2 Optimise posts for conversion on LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers a few extra liberties when publishing content through their network, make sure you include call to actions driving traffic to your resources and of course, your website. An important tip is to not inundate your potential customers with a sales pitch, providing a educational and visually appealing piece of content will perform better than something which screams out they are chasing a sale.

3 Mention and connect with influencers

You may work in a very interesting industry with several influencers a tactic for this sort of industry would be to utilise these influencers by quoting and referencing them including them in your articles. If you have the permission to use these, they will help to boost credibility and also, when it comes to sharing, these influencers will also share your piece to their audience.