For some, Twitter can be a challenging channel to master and gain a following, when done correctly by executing a well oiled plan Twitter can be worth a lot to you.

Twitter will have been one of the first social media accounts you setup when expanding your brand across the web. It should grow with your blog, and getting it sorted earlier on can be much easier down the line.

As a channel which can be difficult to build and use effectively, it really helps to follow a plan and listen to what others have done well and not so well. Here are our top 10 things that every blogger should do to grow their following.

Share your own Content

This is self explanatory, your social media account is yours to share all the property you need to – if you are not sharing your own property then what are you sharing. As Twitter posts have a very short shelf life, it is important to have a constant flow of tweets ready to share with your following.

Share other people’s content

Sharing the content of your own is number one, the next most important is to share others. Building a community of followers will mean they follow you to hear your updates, but also value the content you post of others – such as industry related news and updates.

Use Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are a great tool for arranging you followers. Most people will follow a lot of people and keeping up to date with the tweets from these people can be hard – placing people into specific lists will allow you to dip into that list of followers and track all their updates.

Use IFTTT to build your lists

Building a list can be simple, with IFTTT, you can build lists of people who mention you, message you or tweet about specific words.

Use Videos

When you’ve got much more to say than a restricted 140 characters, why not use a video? An interactive video will more engaging than a short tweet to your following.

Use Photo’s

When tweeting, those with pictures tend to do better in terms of engagement – by adding more pictures to your updates will catch the eyes of your readers on an already cluttered timeline.

Join in Twitter conversations

Twitter conversations, chats and debates are a great place to get involved on twitter if you are looking to get in front of a specific audience. By simply searching for a specific keyword, you can find several chats going on – by weighing in with your opinion will give your profile some visibility.

Analyse your Tweets

Most bloggers will employ some sort of analytics to their digital work. You can also delve into the statistics around your tweets in terms of engagement, reach, follower increases and decreases.

Engage with Brands

Start out building relationships with bigger brands in your industry on Twitter, by sharing their competitions, answering their questions, and overall engaging with them on a regular basis.

Twitter Cards

Under Twitter ads, creatives then Cards, this is where you can upload a picture, some copy and post out to your following when ready for an engaging post.

With all things online, persistence, planning and building a network of advocates is vital to a constant flow of traffic and increase in sales.